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Who says you can't get compliant with NYC & NYS Sexual Harassment training without breaking the bank?
Watch our quick video to learn how quick and easy it is to get compliant!
Product features include:
  •  Training Time: 42-minutes in length
  •  Flexible Access: 24/7 on-demand webinar, available any time, anywhere 
  •  Languages: English and Spanish (coming soon) 
  •  Multiple Delivery Options: Desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, & group training 
  •  Custom Web Link: Created exclusively for your company, accessible only by employee's email 
  •  Monthly Reporting: Highlighting company's most recently completed trainings, capturing all necessary information for auditing & substantiation purposes 
  •  Affordable Pricing Structure: Tier pricing based on total headcount. Whatever your employee count is right now, that's your tier. 
  •  Pre-Written Communication Instructions: Copy-and-paste instructions to guide your employees through the process so you don't have to
Introducing Benetech's Simple Sexual Harassment Training Solution:
No hidden fees: One flat fee provides unlimited access to all of your employees.
Additional features include:
  •  Dedicated account manager for best-practice training tips and compliance questions and to help oversee the success of your compliance training. 
  •  Complete training resource library of group training videos, proctor scripts, quiz sheets, attendee handouts, certified attendance rosters, and training surveys for delivering a simple group training session 
  •  Regulatory updates so you can stay focused on business while we keep tabs on any legal changes to the Regulation that you need to know about
  •  Roles: Managers and Employees covered by the same training
  •  Billing Options: Annual billing (Credit Card or Invoiced)
Whether you need to train your full-time, part-time, seasonal or new employee hires, you cannot find a simpler training program to bring everyone into compliance!
Why Benetech?
  •  30+ Years: Benetech has been in business for over 30 years.
  •  Trusted Adviser: Benetech is trusted by hundreds of business throughout NY State to manage their employee benefits, compliance and human capital needs.
  •  NY Based: Benetech is based in NY just outside of Albany. We understand NY's complex laws and requirements as we need to comply too!
  • Boutique: Benetech prides itself on being a boutique outfit. We have No debt and No outside interest, which means we can focus on serving our clients rather than serving  investors.
Why Consider Our Solution:
  • It's Affordable - lowest cost in the marketplace.
  • It's easy to use & simple to implement - up and running in less than 24 hours.
  • It's flexible -  train employees around your business, rather than your business around your training.
I have 3 simple questions for you...
1. Are you currently expecting to hire one or more new employees in 2019?

2. Is it a challenge to get all of your employees into a room to train at the same time?

3. Does paying by-the-seat or hosting multiple onsite training sessions blow up your budget?
If you answered YES to any of the above...
We have great news....
you can be compliant in less than 24 hours with Benetech's Simple Sexual Harassment Training!
  •  No expensive per seat fees.
  • Flexible training options to reach you entire workforce, fast!
  •  A year's access to training for all current and future employees.
  •  Be up and running in less than 24 hours.
And you can sample it all risk free for seven days!
3 Things You Need to Know About Benetech's
Simple Sexual Harassment Training
Good News: 
It's Compliant
Benetech's Training has undergone strict legal review and is fully compliant with NYS DOL code 201-g, and the NYC Stop Sexual Harassment Act.
Great News: 
It's Simple
Sign up and roll out your training to employees in less than 24 hours. Train individually or as a group, whatever works best for you.
Best Ever News: 
It's Affordable
For less than the price of a single onsite training you get access to Benetech's on-demand training content for a full year.
Your Package Includes...
  • A certified compliant sexual harassment training program delivered by an expert trainer - $1,500.00 value 
  • A full year's access to the training covering current employees and any new hires - $500.00 value
  • Monthly attendee reports, training audit trails and employee completion certificates  - $100.00 value
  •  Flexible options for employees to train as individuals or in groups - $200.00 value
  • Interactive on-demand webinars and classroom instruction videos - $200.00 value
  • A complete resource packet of proctor scripts, quiz sheets and handouts for running a group session - $500.00 value
  • Access for employees to take the training on-demand from their smartphone - $500.00 value
Total value of $3,500.00

But you can get your's today starting for as little as $180.00 annually.
Even Better 
It's Absolutely Risk Free
If Benetech's Simple Sexual Harassment Training program does not meet your needs, you can cancel at any time in the first 7 days and we won't charge your credit card.
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What Employers are saying about Benetech's Simple Sexual Harassment Training
"I took time personally to review the training myself. Right amount of questions. Not too long, but not too short. Honestly, there was nothing I would add or take away."
Carla Braveman
President and CEO of Hospice and Palliative Care Association of NYS
"I really enjoy the flexibility of being able to train both individually and in a group...the on-demand webinar allows us to pick up any stragglers that can't make a group session."
Nickolaus Osinski
Controller at Union Concrete and Construction Corp.
"As a former training coordinator for a large government office, this product was excellent. It engaged the trainees and really nailed it."
Roxanne Soulier
Fusco Personnel, Inc.

“I had a scattered workforce, with employees at nearly 20 locations. It was huge for us that Benetech’s training had an option for my employees to take the training from their smartphones. Even better was the price. Other vendors were charging two to three times that of Benetech and still not solving my problem. In the end, it was a no-brainer.”
Becky Tremblay 
Peter Harris Clothing
What's the typical cost of a Sexual Harassment Training Solution?
We asked a few employers what other training providers had proposed. Here's what they said:
  •  One shared they could deliver a one-time three-hour onsite training for $1500.
  •  Another shared they found a solution that charged them $27 every time an employee took the training, assuming everyone in the organization had on-demand access to a desktop computer. 
  •  Our favorite: A Florida training consultant said he'd be glad to fly up for a one-time training for the low low cost of $1800, plus airfare!
Four Plans To Choose From. Pay Once. Get Training for a Full Year.
Which plan is for you? Simple. Whatever your employee count is right now, that's your plan.
1-20 Employees
Billed annually, no set up fee.
    21-50 Employees
    Billed annually, no set up fee.
      51-299 Employees
      Billed annually, no set up fee.
        300-800 Employees
        Billed annually, no set up fee.
          For groups larger than 800 employees, contact us for a custom quote.
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          Why are we offering our training at this insanely low price? 
          Because we know that next to being simple and compliant, the most important thing employers want is an affordable solution.
          We also know that once you start using our “Simple Sexual Harassment Training Program” you’re going to start asking yourself, 
          “what else does Benetech offer that is simple and affordable.”
          And there’s more...
          For a limited time only we’re going to go a step further, we’re going to guarantee our pricing for the next 3 years. That’s right for those who purchase before March 31st we're going to guarantee our current pricing and lock in 3 years of training for as little as $180.00 a year for the next 3 years.
          Even better
          Did I mention that our training is also 100% risk-free. That’s right, we’re offering a 7 day free trial, so you can test it for yourself. If before the end of 7 day’s you don’t find our solution to be simple and easy to implement you can cancel, no questions asked, and never see a charge on your credit card.
          That’s us putting our money where our mouth is.

          So, don’t be fooled by some of those other solutions that make you pay an arm and a leg while forcing you to flex your business around how they think you should train your employees.

          With Benetech’s Simple Sexual Harassment Training, you get the options you need at the price you can afford to get your company compliant fast, meaning you can rest easy and get back to the important things in your business.

          So don’t delay! Start your free 7-day trial today, and take the first step toward simple compliance.
          Still not sure all your questions have been answered? Not to worry, we've got you covered...
          Frequently Asked Questions

          Q: How do I sign up?
          A: Simply complete the online form, select the appropriate Tier, and  Benetech will provide your company with a year’s worth of training to 
          move all your employees toward compliance. No implementation fees, no additional hidden costs.
          Q: How long does it take to get up and running?
          A: Less than 24 hours

          Q: What is the implementation cost?
          A: Zero

          Q: How much does the product cost?
          A: Cost is based on total employee headcount

          Q: Are there any additional costs for services?
          A: No hidden costs. Everything is included.

          Q: How often does our company have to participate in this training  mandate? 
          A: Once a year for the next 7 years

          Q: Will my account be auto-renewed or must I sign my company up again?
          A: Companies will be auto-renewed unless communicated otherwise

          Q: How do I pay for this training?
          A: Companies will be invoiced shortly after signing up

          Q: Do employees receive training certificates upon completion?
          A: While we do not issues training certificates we do provide companies  the resources should they choose to produce these 

          Q: What are auditors looking for to substantiate training: certificates or  reports? 
          A: Though traditionally certificates have served the purpose of validating  the completion of training, the necessary details for this mandate can be 
          found in the monthly report which offers much more pertinent information

          Q: What information is featured in the monthly report?
          A: The monthly report includes participant(s) name, email, date of  participation, training participation time; training engagement score; responses to training quiz questions and post-training survey 

          Q: What is a training engagement score?
          A: The software platform we utilize has defined a 75 as a perfect  participation score. Anything less than 75 demonstrates that the participant was distracted by other web browsers or has missed answers to quiz questions. Though the state does not require participants receive a particular grade or score, we do recognize that training must be taken seriously and that any score lower than 65 should be considered concerning and worthy of a retake. 

          Q: How much time does the training take?
          A: The training time is roughly 42 minutes

          Q: Who has to complete the training?
          A: Any full-time, part-time, or seasonal employee (including interns).

          Q: When do current employees need to be trained by?
          A: October 9, 2019

          Q: When do new employees need to be trained by?
          A: According to the State Mandates: “as soon as possible

          Q: What are the different training options?
          A: The training is available in desktop (or laptop) format and smartphone  (or tablet) format. There is also the option to deliver the training using a 
          projector or monitor for group training purposes

          Q: How does the group training format work?
          A: Companies assign a proctor to lead the group training session. This  proctor is responsibly for solely starting and ending the meeting, with the 
          webinar still functioning as the main teacher. To ensure success, Benetech has provided all clients a Group Training Resource folder which includes a 
          Checklist/Overview Guide, an Attendance Sheet; Participant Quiz and  Survey; and a Proctor Script (Public Speaking with Training Wheels). The proctor serves to introduce the webinar and close the webinar. Everything in between is handled by the webinar. Because the group is now relying on one computer to deliver the training, individual participants will use the quiz handout to record their answers.
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