Welcome to Benetech! we're excited to share with you our simple and affordable training solution for NY & NYC Sexual Harassment Training.
 starting as low as $180 a year!
Why Consider Benetech's Solution:
  • It's Affordable - lowest cost in the marketplace.
  • It's easy to use & simple to implement - up and running in less than 24 hours.
  • It's flexible -  train employees around your business, rather than your business around your training.
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when you signup for benetech's free Trial you'll also receive: 
FREE COMPLIANCE CHECKLIST: Everything you need to know about the regulation, and what actions you need to take as an employer to comply with the new law!
As well as two bonuses!
  •  Free eBook: 3 Secrets to Completing NYS Sexual Harassment Training, FAST!
  •  Monthly Compliance Notifications: Never miss a compliance update impacting your business with our monthly newsletter.
Introducing Benetech's Simple Sexual Harassment Training Solution:
One flat fee provides unlimited access to all of your employees with no hidden fees!
Product features include:
  • Flexible Access: 24/7 on-demand webinar, available anytime, anywhere
  • Multiple Delivery Options: Desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet and group training
  • Monthly Reporting: Highlighting company's most recently completed trainings, capturing all necessary information for auditing & substantiation purposes
  • Languages: English and Spanish (coming soon)
  • Custom Web Link: Created exclusively for your company, accessible only by your employee's email
  • Unlimited Seats: For all your full-time, part-time, seasonal and new employee hires, depending on the size of your total population
  • Pre-Written Communication Instructions: Copy-and-paste instructions to guide your employees through the process so you don't have to
  • Training Time: 45-minutes in length, for both employees and managers
Additional features include:
  •  Dedicated account manager for best-practice training tips and compliance questions and to help oversee the success of your compliance training 
  •  Complete training resource library and member resource page of group training videos, proctor scripts, quiz sheets, attendee handouts, certified attendance rosters, and training surveys for delivering a simple group training session
  •  Email templates and how-to guides for communicating the new law to your employees and getting your training program jump started with ease
  •  Regulatory updates so you can stay focused on business while we keep tabs on any legal changes to the Regulation that you need to know about
Our solution meets the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act and New York State regulations and is an essential tool for every employer that’s looking to build a culture of dignity, respect, and tolerance. The course features interactive training, viewer engagement scoring, and can be completed by managers and employees in less than one hour.
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